A sense of urgency

The newly formed Oceanbird team will soon reveal the design of the first product line.
“We have a very promising new wing design. We need to verify our calculations and if everything goes according to plan, we will show it later this spring”, says Managing Director Niclas Dahl.

After a period of recruiting, the Oceanbird team is starting to take form. Many of the team members have been involved in the project for years, so they are not starting from zero. Last week, they could all meet in person for the first time. And it’s important that the team works in the same direction right from the start, cause it´s a tight time schedule. Within a few months, the company will reveal the design of the first product line. The ambition is to have produced a prototype of that design early next year.

“We are not just talking about bringing a new product to the market, it’s really changing the shipping industry. We have a sense of urgency as we can’t wait to phase out fossil fuels, and also to meet the demand for sustainable solutions from the market” says Managing Director Niclas Dahl.

From concept to product

Niclas Dahl assumed his position in December 2021. Besides from building the team, he has focused on finding strategies to bring the Oceanbird concept to the market – making wing sail solutions available for shipowners worldwide.

“The way to make this dream come true is things that might sound boring to other people, like cost control, supplier selection, future maintenance and so on. We need to consider things like: how do we transport the huge wings from the manufacturer to the ship yard? It’s hands on problem solving” says Niclas Dahl and concludes: “This will be an interesting year!”

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