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The Oceanbird team is committed to shipping decarbonization. The highly skilled Naval Architects, PhD´s, Marine officers and other experts within their fields have joined forces to change the world through innovation and creativity. We believe diversity is enriching and have team members of different nationalities and ages.

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Phone: +46 8 530 650 00
Address: Hans Stahles väg 7, SE-147 80 Tumba, Sweden
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Josefin Falk

Head of Communication, Marketing & Brand

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Do you consider wind propulsion?

There will not be one silver bullet for the green transition of the maritime industry. The beauty of wind propulsion is that it can be combined with other alternative fuels, which allows you to spread your eggs in different baskets. Wind is a free and constant energy source, and requires no additional infrastructure.

If you want to find out if wind propulsion is suitable for your vessels, either on newbuildings or retrofits, as main propulsion or wind assist to the engine – don’t hesitate to reach out!


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What is Oceanbird all about?

Everyone can dream, but to make dreams come true you need strength, perseverance and partnerships. Find out how we have ensured to be future proof.