Provides wings for a shipping revolution

Wind propulsion - harvesting a free and renewable energy source

Innovative Swedish technology makes it possible to power even the largest vessels by wind. Wallenius and Alfa Laval have joined forces to supply wind propulsion to existing and newbuilt vessels, which could use it as wind assist or fully sailing.

The stiff wing sails resembles air plane wings rather then the tall ships from the past. It is a robust solution with high efficiency. Thanks to our strong mother companies, we can have a long-term perspective with focus on quality, safety and performance, and a global service network.

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The wind helped us discover our planet – now it can help us preserve it

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Key figures

1920 tons CO2

saved every year with only one Oceanbird wingsail on existing vessel, on ocean-going routes.

40 metres height above deck

but still the same performance as previous wing design

7,100 cars

can be carried in the cargo hold of the first vessel from the Oceanbird concept


will the first wing sail be installed onboard a vessel

The future started long ago

Thousands of years have passed since we learnt to harness the wind so that ships could travel faster and further. Oceanbird is about revolutionizing technology that will put an end to the era of fossil-driven cargo ships in maritime transport.

And history is being made right now

Oceanbird is a result of over a decade of determination, pioneering spirit and successful partnerships. From the early sketches to forming a new company. This is our story – so far.

Oceanbird in the news

What is Oceanbird all about?

Everyone can dream, but to make dreams come true you need strength, perseverance and partnerships. Find out how we have ensured to be future proof.