ABBA Voyage x Oceanbird

An unexpected partnership

A deep commitment to sustainability made the ABBA members interested in Oceanbird, which is developed by Wallenius. The parties soon discovered that they shared several joint values and a partnership started to take form.

In the partnership, Wallenius is exclusive logistics provider for ABBA Voyage, in addition to providing support and consultation around sustainability issues.

Stands in the forefront together

“I believe we must be at the forefront of what music and entertainment can be with ABBA VOYAGE, and it is extremely pleasing to be able to make it all happen in partnership with Oceanbird and Wallenius, who are as keen on sustainability as we are.”
Benny Andersson, ABBA.

“Our joint values and focus on humanitarian aid, combined with the latest technology and digitalization, will lead the way into the future – without losing our history.”
Jonas Kleberg, Wallenius.

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On an ABBA Voyage

To the tunes from "Eagle", an Oceanbird vessel sails out of the harbor.

The Concert

Experience ABBA on stage in a concert like no other, a concert 40 years in the making. Featuring a setlist of hit songs, see ABBA’s avatars accompanied by a 10-piece live band, at the custom-built ABBA Arena in London.