Entering the next phase

Bringing wind propulsion technology to market!

The new joint venture between Alfa Laval and Wallenius are finalized and ready to take Oceanbird from concept for emission-free shipping to commercial reality.
“Wind is an opportunity we must seize now. There’s simply no time to waste in phasing out fossil fuels” says Managing Director Niclas Dahl.

Shipping is an energy-efficient way of transporting goods. Despite this, shipping needs to become more sustainable. Maritime transport is responsible for about 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If the industry was a country, it would be the sixth biggest polluter, above Germany. These emissions are projected to increase significantly if mitigation measures are not put in place swiftly. If we continue business-as-usual, the emissions will increase with 50%-250% by 2050, according to International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Extra important after COP26

“COP26 put the need for accessible technology in the spotlight,” says Niclas Dahl, who assumed his position as Managing Director, Oceanbird on 1 December 2021. “Decarbonizing shipping is imperative, and wind is a free source of power with a substantial role to play, and minimum need of infrastructure.”

Niclas Dahl comes from the role of Vice President of Marine Separation & Heat Transfer Equipment at Alfa Laval. Overseeing Oceanbird’s development continues a sustainability journey him, whose long career includes several years of development and launch of PureBallast, a market-leading ballast water treatment solution that was also created in partnership with Wallenius.

Growing enthusiasm for wind powered shipping

Already, the Oceanbird team has considerable momentum. Oceanbird was among the winners of the Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2021, which was organized by the International Windship Association (IWSA) to promote wind-powered shipping during COP26. Selected by jury as a finalist, Oceanbird carried the Wind Propulsion Products Award category in open voting with 40,000 participants.

“We’re proud of the recognition from our marine industry colleagues, which confirms that Oceanbird is on the right path,” says Niclas Dahl. “As the enthusiasm for wind power grows, we’re moving rapidly to build on what we’ve achieved. Our next wing sail design is on the horizon, and we’re on target to have a transatlantic car carrier fully propelled by Oceanbird technology in 2025.”

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