Tirranna is bringing its wing foundation to docking

The foundation that will connect the wing sail with Tirranna, is currently laying in place on the vessel´s deck. In about a month, it will be welded into position during the planned dry docking.

Erik Lincoln

During a port call in Bremerhaven last week, Tirranna did not only get the cargo onboard but also the 10-meter-long wing sail foundation. Oceanbird´s Senior Test Engineer Erik Lincoln was there to supervise the loading.

“Everything went smoothly. Wallenius Wilhelmsen´s port personnel handled the big foundation with great care and professionalism” says Erik Lincoln. “It was also clear that the crew was looking forward to getting the wing sail onboard”.



The foundation sides on Tirranna´s deck.


One year ago, Oceanbird brought a Lidar (laser measurement equipment) to Tirranna to be able to measure the wind up to 200 meter above deck. The Lidar has been previously used on Figaro in 2019, during the development of the Oceanbird concept.

Wing installation in Europe

Tirranna is currently following the scheduled route and will attend a planned drydocking in mid-May in China. While the vessel undergoes routine maintenance, the foundation will be welded on deck. The wing sail will likely be installed during a port call in northern Europe in late 2024 or early 2025, depending on schedule and the results of land-based tests.

A twin on land

Before the installation on Tirranna, a twin wing sail is going to be tested on land in Oresund Drydock in Landskrona, southern Sweden. The purpose with the land-based prototype is to perform assembly, commissioning of the individual components and functional testing of the complete wing sail to ensure a time-efficient installation in port and get an opportunity for crew training.

Emil Kotz

 “We are taking a stepwise approach, where safety and quality always comes first. Therefore, Landskrona test site is very important for us” says Emil Kotz, Manager Customer Project, Oceanbird.



Vessel with wing sail
This project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon Europe
Framework program under grant no 101096673.


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