Oceanbird spreads its wings in a Zero City

Zero City is the name and theme of a fossil-free city of the future exhibition, at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm. At the harbour of Zero City, a vessel from the Oceanbird concept comes sailing out from the wall.
“It is a powerful installation, one that makes an impression – it piques interest and inspires” says curator Lars Paulsson.

The vision of the exhibition, which will be on display until 2024, is for visitors to be inspired and re-think smart and sustainable solutions for transport and mobility. Oceanbird was invited to be part of the Zero City since its both sustainable and innovative.

Lars Paulsson
Lars Paulsson

“It is a powerful installation, one that makes an impression – it piques interest and inspires. At first, some think it´s impossible for Oceanbird to actually work, with its ‘wings’, sailing against the wind, but both children and adult visitors enjoy finding out for themselves how it works, with the help of the interactive table we have built.” says Lars Paulsson, curator at the National Museum of Science and Technology (In Swedish: Tekniska museet).

Also displayed are self-propelled pods, smaller electric vehicles, and bicycles, as well as electric-powered vans and other aids to enable improved movement around the city in a smooth, fossil-free way.

Tekniska museet

A vessel sailing into Zero City

Zero City opened in February 2022. Oceanbird is visualized as a vessel coming out of the wall from the main hall. One big screen is covering “the deck” and showing the wing sails from above, and another screen is on the wall, where you see the full size of the vessel. In front of the vessel is an interactive station where visitors can make vehicles move using wind from fans. The Oceanbird area is expanding with another 800 m2 of space, allowing visitors an even better view of Oceanbird.

“We wanted to showcase good examples, concrete solutions that are new and not that well known. Oceanbird is a great example, since it’s not sci-fi, but a concept that really exists and will be launched in a few years,” says Lars Paulsson.

Tekniska museet


Niclas Dahl
Niclas Dahl, Managing Director Oceanbird

Reach the next generation of innovators

When the museum invited Oceanbird to participate in Zero city, it was given to support the exhibition.

“One of our main goals as a company is to drive the transition towards truly sustainable shipping. Therefore, it is so important to reach out to the next generation of innovators. We want to give them hope by showing that even these giant, cargo vessels can be powered by renewable energy” says Niclas Dahl, Managing Director of Oceanbird.


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