Swedish minister wants to see “an armada of wind ships”


“Oceanbird is a prime example of innovations that we really need” says Per Bolund, Sweden’s Minister for Financial Markets and spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party.

Wallenius Marine and KTH received Sweden’s Minister for Financial Markets Per Bolund at the KTH test lab, showing him a model of the wind-powered vessel Oceanbird.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to see these kinds of transformative ideas being developed. These ideas can have a huge impact on reducing emissions in the transport sector, particularly international freight transport. So far, there haven’t been enough good ideas.” said Per Bolund.

Per Bolund

Fossil-free by 2045

He pointed out that innovations like Oceanbird plays an important part in getting to the goal of making Sweden climate neutral by 2045.

“We have set extremely ambitious goals. Sweden are going to be the world’s first fossil-free welfare country, and that means eliminating all emissions. We know the transport sector’s emissions are crucial to this, and we need to reduce them both on land and at sea”, said Per Bolund and continued:

“We need all creative technologies which can provide us with renewable, sustainable energy and sustainable transports. This is a prime example of innovations that we really need. I want to see an armada of wind ships that can transport our goods in the future. I really think that this is a concept that is right on time.”

Per Tunell Per Bolund
Per Tunell, COO at Wallenius Marine, and Per Bolund, Sweden’s Minister for Financial Markets

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